SUSHICLUB - Monthly Sushi Making Class Membership (Returning Customer - NO TOOLS)

Product Description


SUSHICLUB is a program to offer you a monthly sushi making kit, with the favourites from our SUSHI MAKING 101 CLASS, plus a NEW PREMIUM ROLL and Video!  

Welcome back, SUSHI ALUMNI!    If you have already done our SUSHI MAKING 101 class, and have our toolkit, you need not order another toolkit, so you can skip right to the Specialty Rolls! 


How it Works:

Returning Customers:

You've already done our SUSHI MAKING 101 class, so you will be skipping to the first month of our premium roll experience! You will get some of the classics from the initial SUSHI MAKING 101 CLASS, plus we will include a NEW premium roll and video!

The kits are fresh for up to 2 days after receipt, so you can choose the day and time that you make your sushi! *Check "use by" date for exact expiry.*

We will have a couple options for the delivery date of your monthly SUSHICLUB order.   Select a date above for the delivery/shipping* of your kit.  Local deliveries will be made on the afternoon of the selected date.   See more below. 


SUSHICLUB includes

  • SPECIALITY ROLL instructional video (with link to Sushi making 101 video for reference on how to make the classics) 
  • Ingredients to make: Speciality Roll, makis, nigiri = (20-28 pcs, 1-2 hand rolls depending on what speciality roll is offered each month)
  • Rice with Seasoning (uncooked, instructions included)
  • Accoutrements: wasabi, ginger, soy sauce

  • 1X NEW Featured Premium Roll each month. 
  • 1X Lobster California Uramaki Roll (Shellfish-free option available for those with an allergy)
  • 1X Spicy Ahi Tuna Temaki / Hand Roll 
  • 1x Avocado Cucumber Maki
  • Green Dragon Topping for Uramaki
  • 4 pcs Salmon and Ahi Tuna Nigiri


  • 1X NEW Featured Premium Roll each month. (First month is the Mediterranean Uramaki)
  • 1X Vegan California  Uramaki
  • 1X “Faux Spicy Salmon” Temaki  
  • 1X Avocado Cucumber Maki
  • Green Dragon Topping for Uramaki
  • 4 pcs Red Pepper 


Cost:  from $49 each monthly class. See full options below.

*Cancel anytime.  No fee to cancel. 

*1 kit is intended for 1 person, however may be shared.  You may also add on an extra food box in the drop down options.

* Free local delivery does not apply to SUSHICLUB, however is only $5 in Ontario!  

*Shipping Across Canada available. Some restrictions apply where priority overnight delivery is not possible, ie NWT

* If buying as a gift for someone, please make sure to include the recipient's email address in the "note" section at checkout.

*IMPORTANT IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE GTA*:  If you fall outside of our same day delivery zone, your kit will be express priority shipped on the date you select, and will arrive the following day* Please note this does NOT not apply on Fridays.  If you select a Friday delivery date and live outside the local delivery zone, we will ship your kit on the Thursday, to arrive on the Friday.   Please read our Shipping Policy for full details.   Please contact us at or call 416-738-8192 if you are unsure if you fall outside of our same day delivery zone, or have any other questions.

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